Warehouse Leasing

First phase of Dongguan Qingxi Bonded Logistics Centre Type B has land use area of 123,900m². The centre is mainly used for bonded warehousing for import and export of raw materials or finished products, goods stored at the warehouses can be economical and effective sorting, packaging, processing, packing and unpacking to form a highly efficient, international procurement, international distributio platform.

Warehouse Basic Condition:

- Sliding doors

- Warehouse container adjustable platforms
- Category of storage goods: C Two
- Net height of warehouses: 7 m ~10.5 m

- Net width: 36 meters ~75 meters

- Maximum of ground load: 1F: 5 tons /m²

                                        2F: 2 tons /m²
- Surface treatment: Carborundum polishing
- Roof day-lighting: natural lighting accounted for 3% of the roof surface
- Electric capacity: 15.4KVA per 5100 square meters warehouse (Have room for capacity expansion)
- Lighting: 200Lux

- Number of elevator: every 5100
m² warehouse has 2 elevators

- Fire control system: equipped with fast response sprinkler system, fire alarm system and other advanced fire facilities
- Standby power system: equipped with fast response power generation facilities, guarantees normal use of electricity in the warehouses
- Monitoring facilities: 24 hours surveillance cameras
- Equipped with assistant office space

Sincerely welcome all freight forwarders, customs brokers and other enterprises to come to visit!

Contact information

Tel: 0769-87338866
Fax: 0769-87318866
Address: 10th Floor, Complex Office Building, Qingxi Bonded Logistics Centre, No. 198 Beihuan Road, Qingxi, Dongguan, China